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We are proud to be the largest window tinter in Central Illinois. From your car, to your office, to your home, Ziebart window films offer countless benefits. Window tinting keeps the interior of your car, home or office cooler in the summer and it helps your house retain heat in the winter. It also protects your interior from UV-sun fade and reduces sun and snow glare. Window tinting purchased from Ziebart SuperStore is computer cut for precision and is installed by factory trained certified technicians and comes with a lifetime warranty.



Glass Tinting for your Vehicle: Did you know?

  • Window film rejects up to 61% of solar energy.
  • Glass tinting protects passengers from injury by holding shattered glass together.
  • Auto window tint adds privacy when driving alone or in unfamiliar areas and keeps vehicle contents discreet.
  • Car window tinting reduces blinding headlights at night.
  • Window tinting reduces intense bright spots on sunny days.
  • Window tint blocks both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays.
  • See better, feel cooler, add privacy, be safer, look cool, and protect yourself while you protect your interior from the sun! Don’t settle for purple, bubbled window tints. Bring your vehicle to Ziebart and get it done right the first time!


Additional Facts:

  • According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there is a direct link between time spent driving in an automobile and a higher incidence of left-sided skin cancers in the form of melanoma brought on by an accumulation of unprotected sun exposure.
  • Much like sunscreen protects skin, window tint protects vehicle interiors from harmful rays. Auto window tinting from Ziebart will block 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays.

Beauty, safety, and energy savings. It’s amazing what a thin layer of film can do for your home. Madico window film is offered in a variety of styles and hues, giving you the freedom to design as bold or as subtle as you’d like. Depending on your climate zone, some Madico films may even qualify for a residential federal tax credit.

Save energy and reduce CO2 emissions

Madico films can keep out up to 86% of the sun’s heat, dramatically lowering air conditioning costs. In the winter, the same film helps retain interior heat, reducing heating costs.


Extend the life of valuable furnishings

The sun can take a costly toll on your fabrics, furniture, flooring and art. Madico window films block out up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays, protecting your furnishings, and keeping them looking new for years to come..  




Big energy savings

Watch the numbers drop on those HVAC costs with Madico films. Madico window films can keep out up to 86% of the sun’s heat, dramatically lowering air conditioning costs. In the winter, the same film helps retain interior heat, reducing heating costs. They may also help you attain LEED credits, getting your building closer to certification.

More comfortable work environment
Madico films also help regulate the temperature disparity between the sunny and the shady areas of your building. Offices stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, all of which makes your employees more comfortable.


Reduced glare

Glare causes eye fatigue and lower productivity. Drawing curtains or closing blinds is a claustrophobic approach at best, and it drives up the bill for artificial lighting. Madico films let in the light but not the glare, helping to maintain an "open" feeling.

Protection from fading
The fading caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays wreaks havoc on interior furnishings and merchandise, shortening their shelf life. Madico films screen almost 100% of those harmful rays, potentially saving thousands in replacement costs.


Increased safety

Splintered, flying glass is one of the dangerous consequences of, both natural and man-made, disasters. Madico films are specifically designed to hold broken glass in place, lessening the chance of injury and property damage. It also makes forced entry more difficult for would-be vandals and burglars, which is especially important for retail establishments.


Enhance your building’s appearance

Madico films make building exteriors more attractive by eliminating visual clutter and creating a uniform appearance.


Safety Film

Madico’s Safety & Security Window Films help reduce the risk of personal injury, property damage and loss caused by natural disaster and crime. Available in a wide range of tints, styles and grades, our films are specially designed to deter everything from the high winds of storms to the costly eyesore of graffiti. We invite you to explore the various solutions available to protect your home or office building.


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